byf this is my main/priv, req okay when priv, self proclaimed cixpopper… i am deranged over cix like cix over everyone else… i mainly tweet about cixtxt and my friends, i tweet about cix in eng and txt in spanish soz, i use gifs a lot whoops, i use kys/kms jokes <3

dfi stay/engene, omg or sf9 supporter, put kpop above morals, baby ur idols after they do something problematic, take kpop too seriously, SHIP TXT… get a job pls.

likes byounggon, kirby, sanrio, pc collecting, coding, soobin noises, yeonjun in general, the yoongi cat agenda, deco, and plushies!

dislikes non-byounggons, the pc market, yt lgbt, cishets, ppl who take kpop too seriously, srs shippers.

ults cix byounggon txt yeonjun + soobin bts yoongi

i enjoy yonghee dahyun momo bahiyyih junhan gaon chaeryeong ryujin chuu yoon jiung jiwon . . . cix txt bts twice xdh itzy loona stayc aespa nct dream p1h chebul purple kiss justb ateez